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Strength Builder

Strength-building herbs headed by the herb Morinda Root – “the Strength Builder.”  Promotes vitality.  Increases inner and outer power (Jing and Qi)  Helps strengthen muscle, bones and joints

Made with superior grade tonic herbs.

Ingredients: Morinda root, Astragalus root, Prepared He Shou Wu root, Eucommia bark, Goji berries, Achyranthes root, Dipsacus asper root, Dang Gui root, Chinese Yam rhizome, Cornus fruit, Chinese White Peony root, Chinese Licorice root.

Strength Builder

Detailed Description 

Real strength comes from the Three Treasures. These are the fundamental energies of life. All strength is rooted in Jing, the primal energy of life. When Jing is abundant, the body has the root power it needs to work and play vigorously and to live a long, successful life. Strength Builder is designed to build and preserve Jing. Strength Builder can be used to strengthen the skeletal and muscular systems and is particularly useful as a tonic for those who use both their brains and their physical strength to succeed.* Morinda root is an excellent Yang Jing tonic. Morinda root is an empowering herb, whose name in ancient times was “Strength Builder.” Morinda root is widely believed in China to increase mental power as well as physical strength. The Qi tonics in Strength Builder strengthen our assimilation and our respiration so that we can produce Qi and use it in our body. Qi tonics are valuable because they build immediate and lasting strength. This formula may be used by men and women wishing to increase athletic and/or sexual power, and by those interested in becoming generally more vital.