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Formula 303

Helps with muscle spasms, tight and pulled muscles, leg cramps, backache or back strain. Tension and stress, nervousness, PMS, menstrual cramps, neck and shoulder pain. May help with sleep. CLICK BOTTLE for more information.

Formula 303

A gluten free dietary supplement designed to help you manage stress and anxiety. Contains Valerian. Historically, Valerian has been used as a sedative and calming agent. But is also believed to effectively treat stress and anxiety.  CLICK BOTTLE for more information.

Stress Plus

I am sure you have read about Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM for Joint health as well as connective tissue support. This supplement is a wonderful choice. CLICK BOTTLE for more information.

Product 2

L-Lysine an amino acid that has been shown to help with virus, arterial sclerosis, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. CLICK BOTTLE for more information.


Spring Dragon tea is the most healthful tea in the world. Made from Gynostemma, known throughout Asia for thousands of years as magical grass. Infused with six superior tonic herbs. Nurtures the spirit, and the underlying primal energies of the entire body.Click on image for more information.

Spring Dragon tea

Endocrine Health does exactly that, supports the entire endocrine system. Therefore enhances the health and activity of all endocrine glands and hormones. CLICK BOTTLE  for more information 

Endocrine Health

Super Adaptogen does just that. Bolsters your ability to adapt to stressful situations and recover from stress quicker. This is a superior Tonic Formula that also enhances Adrenal Health. CLICK BOTTLE for more information.

Super Adaptogen

Supports the entire skeletal system

Great choice for athletes

Superb tonic for seniors. Click on bottle for more information

Strong Bones

Strength-building herbs headed by the herb Morinda Root – “the Strength Builder”

Promotes vitality

Increases inner and outer power (Jing and Qi)

Helps strengthen muscle, bones and joints.

Click on bottle for more information

Strength Builder


Strongly increases male libido

Supports healthy testosterone levels

Supports athletic power

Energizing and restorative

Indonesian Tongkat Ali, premium He Shou Wu and Mountain Ant

Tongkat Ali extract: 125kg of raw root material produces 1kg of extract powder


Reishi Mushroom has been used and revered for thousands of years not only as a spiritual herb but is used in enhancing and supporting immune health. CLICK BOTTLE for more information. 

Duanwood Reishi

Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction. Made with ultimate grade herbs. Supports athletic performance. Supports sexual functions. Promotes vitality. Supports musculo-skeletal functions. Click on bottle for more information

Gecko Rockclimber

Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction.  Powerful Shen tonic.  Calming.  Supports healthy stress responses. Helps stabilize emotions.  Made from premium Shen herbs. Click on bottle for more information

Supreme Shen Drops